The following is part of an old post, some of which has been edited out. What interested me about this text is that the other day Jeremy Yulle brought up the idea that all my projects where collaborative and that the audience was just as much apart of this collaboration as a designer, performer, musician etc.

I seek language, language to surround my practice. I have often been referring to the nature of communication as being non-linear, open, responsive. Through the reading of a text by [insert name], he talks about collaboration being a process of ... and .... That collaboration is dynamic and exiciting, questioning and progressive. This has lead me to consider the framing of my communication model as a collaborative process.

This seems to fit with the ideas of ephemerality within communicative and creative processes and finalisation within artefacts, that everything is open for debate, and once something is, it was , freeing knowledge and information from historical constraints, rather placing it within the situation.

Within a model of collaborative communication, preaching and didactism cease to be relevant. To be a collaborative process there seems to be a need to have some form of common ground, or understanding, an attitude that is open to ideas of others and most of all, a desire for discussion.