Through some recent walks I have started to explore the idea that design is a process of setting parameters, in essence the placing of a framework around something. An idea that has been given further weight from reading the likes of Brain Massumi and Merleau-Ponty. These recent walks have differed from the first walk that I took as part of this study. The first walk that has informed my studies was in essence a Dérive and was taken with Neal Haslem in Brisbane. The outcomes of this walk formed the basis for the installation that we installed in a space during a arts festival. The difference between that walk and recent walks is, the recent walks where designed and constructed, having strong and at times regimented parameters and constraints that have guided me along my journey.

For example: walk 10 paces, take a photo, turn take a photo, turn walk ten paces take a photo, turn take a photo, repeat between the two main cross streets. Where as in Brisbane, the parameters that where set, where done so in direct response to our search for food on our first night in the city.