Fashion city and Brisbane

The more I look at these two projects the more I see a similarity between the two. In essence the project in Brisbane informed...

Fashion City : Workings

Excerpts from my visual diary that documents through diagram the initial stages of the project. Through these images you can see the changing shape of the project and the formation of the individual parts.

Fashion City : Overview

Fashion CIty was an installation that I was involved in, with others from the Masters course, mainly Neal Haslem, Yoko Akama, Stuart Geddes, Josie...

Fashion City : Image map 01

Collection of images that give a visual mapping of the flash sequencer developed as part of the screen based composition.

Fashion City : Collective

Fashion City was an installation at Federation Squre, as part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week arts program 2006. It was carried out by Neal Haslem, Yoko Akoma, Stuart Geddes, Josie Ryan, Laurene Vaughan, Tania Invanka and myself.

3 Level Sequencer

The basic model that made up the Fashion City screen compositor.