Yellow performance

Stills representing the stylistic direction taken in the Yellow Set at Kent St, Collingwood.

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Walk : Little Lonsdale 02

Walk : Little Lonsdale 01

Untitled AV perfromance : June 2005

Poster, October 2005 GRC

October 2005 GRC Poster

Poster, June 2006 GRC

Poster for the June 2006 GRC

Poster, June 2005 GRC

Poster for the June 2005 GRC

Noble Rot : The index

Noble Rot : Details of clothes

Noble Rot : Details of room notes

Noble Rot : Detail of hand made book

Lost in the search

Liquid Architecture : In the mix

Photo's of the VJ team for a night at Liquid Archture, with German guests Thomas Brinkman and Natalie Beridze.

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Feed from this

Fashion City : Workings

Excerpts from my visual diary that documents through diagram the initial stages of the project. Through these images you can see the changing shape of the project and the formation of the individual parts.

Fashion City : Collective

Fashion City was an installation at Federation Squre, as part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week arts program 2006. It was carried out by Neal Haslem, Yoko Akoma, Stuart Geddes, Josie Ryan, Laurene Vaughan, Tania Invanka and myself.

Brisbane 24hr : The walk

Brisbane 24hr : Posters

Brisbane 24hr : Design concept

Boonie Doon - Labyrinth

Two images of Laurene's Labyrinth as we encounter it in its changing decaying generative form.

Adelaide : Floor

Images taken in Adelaide without a tripod, they where experiements to see how I could frame a shot without viewing the scene through the view finder.

Adelaide : Bamboo