Video performance

As a performer I am a video artist, currently I play along side other musicians and video artists at various venues. These performances serve...

The inadvertant milieu

... I have a interest in what I call dead spaces ... I have been wondering within these areas for along time, I seek...

Still Life 01c

36 Frames from Still Life 01 video

Still Life 01b

36 Frames from Still Life 01 video

Still Life 01a

36 frames from Still Life 01

Landscape by Tamás Waliczky

Landscape by Tamás Waliczky is a short film that explores the inherent abstract nature of digital space. This is done by freezing time during...

Boonie Doon - Day one

The ground beneath is soft, sponge like, I tread with care, placing each foot with precision. My movements draw me further into a gridded terrain. Around I hear the call of birds, but in this space they do not live, for I am in a cancer, a disease imposed by foreign traditions on this delicate land.