Yellow performance

Stills representing the stylistic direction taken in the Yellow Set at Kent St, Collingwood.

Within this space ...

... I perform realtime audio video montages in collaboration with other video and audio performers. These performances provide a space to explore collaborative networks...

Video performance

As a performer I am a video artist, currently I play along side other musicians and video artists at various venues. These performances serve...

Untitled 00.06.05 : Workings

Quicktime clips comparing the slowed version of the same clip, to be used as a convention through the Untitled performance.

The making of

This video was created a few months ago whilst I was making a canvas for the opening exhibition at Kick Gallery in Northcote. The...

Still Life 01c

36 Frames from Still Life 01 video

Still Life 01b

36 Frames from Still Life 01 video

Still Life 01a

36 frames from Still Life 01

Notes of collection and curation through reflection of past/current projects

Fashion City was a project that involved the creation of a database of images that explored the fashionable nature of Melbourne. These images where...

Liquid Architecture : In the mix

Photo's of the VJ team for a night at Liquid Archture, with German guests Thomas Brinkman and Natalie Beridze.

Landscape by Tamás Waliczky

Landscape by Tamás Waliczky is a short film that explores the inherent abstract nature of digital space. This is done by freezing time during...

Actor / performer

150 bpm

Recently I did another set at Kent St with Corey (_sans). This set was part of a on going night called Plug N Play,...