Edge Radio interview with Cory and Trish


9AM Thursday 22 March. Edge Radio, Hobart. The artists talk about the idea behind the project and where it all started, discuss some of the more poignant contributions and what's next...

ABC Tasmania Radio interview with Annie Warburton


7.10pm Wednesday march 22, 2007. Annie Warburton speaks to Justy Phillips about the sudden appearence of red and white billboards all over the city. Subjects discussed include the nature of the selected texts, the participants and contributors, aims of the project and current responses.

Mercury newspaper, Tasmania
Personal stories splashed accros Hobart billboards as part of ten Days on the Island pay tribute to the lives of Hobart residents...

Mercury newspaper, Wednesday march 21, 2007, p5

The Program web entry



For me, this project has always been about being able to present a community’s voice back to the home to which it belongs… to engage with this place at a deeper, more personal and more real way, than by the falsities of brand advertising and the stereotypes and inaccuracies this way of presenting the world can offer, Phillips says.
Poloxygen web entry


Artists Justy Phillips and James Newitt are in charge of this experiment in social envorinments