sponsors + supporters update


Working to secure funds for a project budget of well over $100,000 AUS, we are delighted (relieved) to announce that we only have $29,852 AUD to go. With five months to go this might seem like a lot of money to find on a small island, but where there's a will... anyway, we have the write/here project quiz extravaganza coming up later this month. so fingers crossed.

I'd like to provide the following links to indviduals and organisations which are providing finiancial support for the project. A project on this scale would not be posiible without their ongoing suport.
Claude Group, J.Boag & Son, Cascade, Criterion Gallery, Republic Bar & cafe, Hobart Bookshop, Jam Packed Cafe providore, Photolith, Coo'ee Tasmania, Misho + Associates, Morris Nunn + Associates, IXL Design.